International Agriculture for Development is a progressive company committed to achieving food security through advancing agriculture and rural development globally.

Our vision drives our services;
"Working in partnership with our customers, we aim to provide a positive impact in securing sustained food security and improved rural livelihoods, through developing agriculture, human and organisational capabilities in developing and developed economies through delivering quality and effective services having lasting impact."
Australian based with a global footprint, International Agriculture for Development (IAfD) provides a range of agricultural and rural consultancy services across Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and Australasia. We bring with us Australian experience, know-how and partnership opportunities, offering competitive services that deliver lasting impact.

Our core services

  1. Food Security Systems Development
  2. Agricultural Value Chain Development
  3. Developing Resilient Agricultural Systems
  4. Managing Water and Optimising Crop Water-use Efficiency
  5. Participatory Research and Extension Systems Development
  6. E-Communications and Knowledge Systems Management
  7. Building Organisational Capacity and Managing Change
  8. Training and Capacity Building
  9. Agribusiness Partnerships & Market Segmentation
  10. International Study Tours

Our unique experience

The IAfD team brings to our organisation unique experiences, capability and skills that drive project impact and business success. IAfD is committed to project delivery effectiveness, reflected through our lean management structure. Critical to this success is the provision of credible, valued and responsive services, tailored to each of our customers needs.

A life-long partnership

IAfD is committed to ensuring projects and services provide enduring impact and benefits, and as such maintain on-going mentoring and communications with those who benefit from our developmental activities. The successful management of our teams and the performance of team members are central to the success of our business.

Meeting our customer needs

A feature of our experience is being able to rapidly assess local needs and engage with stakeholders to address food security, as well as identify agricultural and rural development needs. We build clear monitoring and evaluation performance indicators into our program operations at the outset, and provide timely and responsive reporting to our clients. The IAfD team shares a participatory development philosophy that meets the needs of a broad range of project activities through keeping a level of personal responsibility and ownership amongst all project participants. All of our services are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, we aim to exceed expectations.